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Epic Series Large wideth multifunctional digital printing machine

Epic Series Large wideth multifunctional digital printing machine

Performance Characteristics

1. The printing width is 850mm ~ 1500mm, which realizes stepless format transformation and industrial flexible production, and refreshes the width limitation and innovation in the industry;
2. Wide color gamut printing, wide coverage, can be applied to printing signs, banners, posters, exhibition graphics, wallpapers, murals, fine craft graphics, billboards and so on.
3. According to the requirements, the effects of integrated digital printing + post-press bronzing/varnish efficiency can be customized, which saves the process time and proofing cost for customers and realizes the digitization of metallic colors at one time.


Maximum resolution
600*1200dpi & 600*600dpi  

Jet printing speed
60m/min, 30m/min

Maximum feed width

Maximum printing width

Material thickness dimension
0.02 ~ 0.8 mm

Type of ink

UV ink

Ink color configuration

CMYK (optional white + digital bronzing/varnish)

Image acquisition resolution:

8K color camera: 0.08 mm (width) * 0.08 mm (length)

Maximum detection width

Maximum detection accuracy

Minimum chromatic aberration accuracy
∆ E≥3

Power supply requirements

Equipment dimensions

Applicable industries