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AIM-330S/350S/420S/520S Full servo 100% visual  automatic inspection machine
    AIM-330S AIM-350S AIM-420S AIM-520S
AIM Max Inspect Speed 150M/MIN      
Automatic inspection with full-servo and sllitting rewinder Max Sllit Speed 300M/MIN      
Max Web Width 350MM 370MM 450MM 530MM
Max Unwinder Dia 750MM      
Max Rewinder Dia 750MM      
Max Inspect Width 330MM 350MM 420MM 520MM
Power Supply 3PH+N+PE      
Moter Power 6.7kw 6.7kw 7.6kw 7.6kw
Air Supply 0.8Mpa      
Weight 1.5T 1.5T 1.8T 2.2T
Owerall 2800x1100x1600 2800x1100x1600 2800x1100x1600 2800x1100x1800

Main features

1、Inspection precisin up to 0.02 sq. mm

2 、Easy operation. Fast establishment of  inspection standard template as reference for tags. the same standard template can be reused for other tags, thus to save modeling time.

3、Full featured inspection. Except common printing defects inspection, it also can be detected for  bubbles, scratches and excessive glue.

4、 High quality inspection efficiency. A single inspection machine is equivalent to five inspecting staffs ,which can save plenty of labor energy

5、Full servo design. Five servos are equipped with independent control, whose features include highly precision, long lifetime, maintenance-free, and easy removal of faults, etc.

6、3D LED light source .Patented 3D LED light system ,which expands the application scope of defects detection.

7、The machine combine inspection function and high-speed slitting ,whose design show us Multi-function .Except quality inspection, this machine also has highly slitting function, whose speed up to 300m per minute.

8、Be able to fit together with other functions. Independent single/dual sided spurting platform is optional for  inspection after spurting.


1、 Thermal transfer ribbons(TTR) digital printing device

2、Single/double-sided spurting platform

3、Automatic removal robot device

4、 Automatic feeding robot device

Main components

1、Unwinding + rectification

Independent unwinding  system with servo tension control; presetting of speeding cut and stop when low load;  ultrasonic diagonal rectification

2、Inspection system

AIMS V3.0 Defect inspection software,  high-speed line scanning camera from Canada with Ricoh lens from Japan, and 3D LED light source

3、Paper platform

Two pneumatic buttons both at left and right , which are easy to use and in accordance with ergonomic principles

4、Sliting unit

Two kinds of sliting knife are optional for users: round knife and cutting knife(optional)

5、Dual rewinding + recification

Independent dual rewinding system with servo tension control; and ultrasonic diagonal rectification for orderly rewinding.