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1、Multi-functional module + multi-zone operating window

AIMS V3.0 inspection software has functions with modeling, defects inspection, machine control and quality data separation and so on.

The main window includes image displaying area, defect displaying area, image comparison area, adjustment area, product information area, log area, precision and chromatic aberration detected adjustment area, etc..

2、Easy operation + efficient modeling + simple operating procedure

Start to set quality standard—►Collect image—►Set inspection area—►Set the precision of each inspection area—►check final inspection template—►End of standard setting. 

3、Comprehensive functions + Stable system + Extensiveapplications
(1)Establish model fast easily and quickly, and strong usability.
AIMS V3.0 using a new graphic algorithm to establish model easily. Only one printing image is enough to establish quality standard template. At the same time, different inspection areas with different inspection precision could be set on one template, thus to solve the problems of missing of inspection caused by multiple modeling.

(2)Higher inspection precision and all defects could be detected
AIMS V3.0 software can detect smallest defects reliably, such as defective colon and decimal point in the text. The maximum precision is up to 0.075mm.

(3)The speed of inspection is up to 150m per minute.
The new complete algorithm and software framework of AIMS V3.0 software enable robust processing capacity, so that the speed of inspection is faster than previous version while keeping the inspection precision and the same hardware configuration.

(4)Beautiful appearance and more comprehensive information
AIMS V3.0 software using plain and beautiful window design style. The printing defects can be more clear at Interface, helping the operator observe and operate easily.

(5)Extensive applications
AIMS V3.0 software is applicable for various materials, especially transparent materials, laser materials, light oil materials, gilding materials, RFID antenna, garment washing labels and physical anti-counterfeit labels.