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Guangzhou Prius Printing Technology Co., Ltd registered and established in 2012.


The first AIMS V1.0 software inspection system was released in December, 2012 and company's first AIM-330S Full Servo Automatic Inspection Machine was put on sale to the national market during the same period.


AIM SERIES of Full Servo Automatic Inspection Machine has been sold more than 100 units till December, 2013 .


The AIMS V1.0 inspection system was upgraded to AIMS V2.0 inspection system, which is more applicable and easier to operate. In the same period, the company began to sell and promote in oversea market, and the AIM-330/370/450/520 series of Full-servo Automatic Inspection Machines were developed according to the needs of the customer.  Fully meet the customer's requirements for different inspection widths. 


AIM Full-servo Automatic Inspection Machine has been sold more than 300 units.


AIMS V3.0 inspection system was developed successfully and put into the global market. The AIM SERIES of Full Servo Automatic Inspection Machines are sold to the global market. 


The world's first EIM-150/220 Automatic Inspection Machine for 3C and garment industries is available for sale to the global market .


VIM-210/420/520 Series Automatic Sheet Inspection Machine are sold to the global market.


For the need of business development, the company was relocated from Baiyun District to Guangzhou Huangpu District in Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute. In the same year, our company obtained ISO9001,14000 Quality System Certification and CE Certification. 


Got Double Soft Certification.


The first inspection equipment calibration instrument (PPS-210/300) has been successfully developed and launched to the global market .


High-tech enterprises audited.


First released the latest research and development products to the world -- the first generation of Automatic 100% Visual Inspection Machine with Peeling & Replacing Function.


Based on the original EIM-150/220, the company has developed a 100% product inspection machine for electronic die-cutting and RFID industry inspection, which was to be sold to the whole world.


Formally renamed Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co., Ltd., the company's market strategy is positioned in the application of visual technology, divided into three core applications: visual inspection, robot vision guidance, robot precision machining center .


AIM series of global market sales exceeded 600 units .


Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co., Ltd won the "Guangdong Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" in 2017 in the sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangzhou, Guangdong Province) and the second Yangcheng "Technological Innovation Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. 


Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co., Ltd was awarded "Guangdong Provincial Independent Innovation demonstration Enterprise 2017".


Due to the expansion of the company's business development scale, the company has moved into the new office research and development center, striving to create the most comfortable office environment for employees, at the same time, the workshop has been renovated and upgraded, 5S standardized management has been carried out in an all-round way, and the production of high efficiency and high quality has been realized. 


In the field of mechanotronics and advanced manufacturing, our company is recognized as the leader of innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou development zone in 2017 .


The company's robot vision guidance, positioning, identification core technology have been researched and developed successfully and put into the market.